How do we work?


Under the motto of accompanying and complementing the compulsory educational trajectory of children, young people and adults, Vicente Lucci Foundation implemented Private Social Investment Programs. The objective of the programs is to work on lasting values and principles, as tools to help people to control their own lives and reach a personal balance.


From the Vicente Lucci Foundation we promote the idea of generating Social Capital. In order to do so, we work with our internal public fomenting the values of responsible citizenship at workplace, with the firm conviction that these good practices are transferred to the community of each collaborator.


Within the framework of corporate responsibility, the Lucci Group participates in the Completion Plan for Primary and Secondary Studies of the Ministry of Education of Tucumán. This program allows young and adult employees of the company to finish their compulsory studies that at some point were left unfinished by different circumstances of their lives.


Lucci Group is a big family, and for this reason, we promote an open house program that includes the scheduling of guided visits to the industrial complex. This initiative allows us to strengthen the bonds between the company and the community, as well as sharing our values and organizational culture.


At Vicente Lucci Foundation we are convinced that our task is only meaningful if we can do it all together. For this reason, we promote corporate and social volunteering. We present different proposals for each one of our collaborators, which aim at all of us being able to participate from different spaces, in order to promote and generate a responsible citizenship.

A company devoted to the production, manufacturing and commercialization of lemon and its by-products. A company devoted to the production of sugarcane and sugar commer-cialization. A company devoted to agricultural and industrial activities offering products that come from soy grinding, through crushing and biodiesel plants. A company devoted to breeding and rearing, winter grazing and a feedlot in productive locations owned by the firm.


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