they are obtained from the lemon peel through cells ploughing. This process is carried out with special machines. The oil drops stay on a waterbed forming an emulsion that later, through filters, centrifuges and a process to take out wax, which is done by means of cold and a vacuum filter, turns it into refined oil. This product is used to manufacture sodas, sweets, confectionary articles, pharmacy and perfumery products.  


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they are obtained when squeezing lemon and after separating pulp and seed they are pasteurized, concentrated, cooled and packed. In the case of clear juice, before the concentration stage, pectin and pulp from cloudy juice are taken out through a process of filtration, and the juice is used in crystal clear sodas.



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It is the remaining part after the extraction of oil and juice. It is snapped, washed, drained and pressed to be dehydrated later on in rotary kilns. Eventually, the peel is compacted and packed. This product is commercialized as raw material to obtain pectin, which is used as an ingredient in the jam, dairy and sweet industries.

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