Industrial Plant

The Viluco S.A. industrial complex of soy crushing and biodiesel production is situated in the industrial area in Frías (Santiago del Estero Province). Our raw material is soy, which comes from the North West of Argentina.

It is constituted by: a stockpiling plant, a crushing plant, a lecithin plant, a biodiesel plant and a balanced food plant.


Plant Capacity:  


·        Grinding capacity until 1,000,000 tons a year.

·        Biodiesel Production until 200,000 tons a year.

·        Balanced Food Production until 350,000 tons a year.

·        Hi-Pro Flour Production until 700,000 tons a year.

·        Lecithin Production until 2,000 tons a year.                                               

·        Soy Piling Capacity until 200,000 tons.

·        Wheat Piling Capacity until 2,000 tons.

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