The Integration Scholarship Program is directed to secondary school students with risk of dropping out. It is a joint effort between Vicente Lucci Foundation and BBVA Francés, aimed at achieving integration and permanence in the educational system of low income youth. The beneficiary and his family manage the scholarship through a bank product. This mechanism generates a responsible behavior and facilitates its inclusion in the financial system.

As a member of the Network of Companies Against Child Labour, a Committee Against Child Labor was established. Its actions are based on training and raising awareness about the problem in our employees, contractors and the community in general.

The projects we carry out involve the installation of values through the formation of social leaders. We empower future professionals to be active in citizen participation in a responsible manner, developing their leadership capabilities, teamwork, and integrating public - private actions in rural communities.

In a working NETWORK composed by companies, social organizations, and public and private institutions of the region, we want to install Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability. Moreover, we aim to enhance the knowledge about the subject and the experience that enables us to increase sustainable actions from an integral perspective.

A company devoted to the production, manufacturing and commercialization of lemon and its by-products. A company devoted to the production of sugarcane and sugar commer-cialization. A company devoted to agricultural and industrial activities offering products that come from soy grinding, through crushing and biodiesel plants. A company devoted to breeding and rearing, winter grazing and a feedlot in productive locations owned by the firm.


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