Solid growth


The Group starts writing the first pages of its history based on a visionary and tireless worker:  Mr. Vicente Lucci, an Italian man who arrived to our country in 1949 and who, after a successful stage as an employee, founded Viluco Company in 1962. The enterprise became a synonym of agro industrial innovation as years passed by, even though it was engaged in the construction business at the beginning.



After noticing the growing importance of the citric industry in the economy of the region, the Group makes its way in the activity through Citrusvil, devoting itself to the primary production of fresh fruit. This product acted as a springboard to reach international markets on a sustained basis to achieve leading positions globally.



During the 80’s, Citrusvil added value to its production chain though the incorporation of the stages of packing and commercialization of fresh fruit to international markets.

The company gives its first steps in the agricultural activity by harvesting soy, wheat and corn. The most important aspect to highlight along this period is that a long term planning process started, which allowed the company to be in leading positions in each stage as regards the quality of its specialized professionals, applied technology, sustainability criteria and environmental care.

A company devoted to the production, manufacturing and commercialization of lemon and its by-products. A company devoted to the production of sugarcane and sugar commer-cialization. A company devoted to agricultural and industrial activities offering products that come from soy grinding, through crushing and biodiesel plants. A company devoted to breeding and rearing, winter grazing and a feedlot in productive locations owned by the firm.


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