Citrusvil S.A is committed to renewable energy based production.

Involving a significant investment in technological development and infrastructure; Citrusvil counts with the first Lemon Effluent Treatment Plant in the world, designed and built to the exacting standards required by the Executive Board of the United Nations and certified under the Environmental Management System ISO 14001. This allows Citrusvil to avoid dumping effluents into the river Salí Dulce, to recover biogas, and to eliminate gas emissions, resulting from effluent treatment, into the atmosphere.

100 % of the liquid effluent is treated

After biological treatment, the effluent acquires characteristics that make it suitable for fertilization and irrigation of our fields. Currently, we are able to treat and distribute 1,400,000 m3 thanks to our comprehensive irrigation system.

Compost generation

Through a proper processing of solid organic waste, we treat 6,500 tons a year, yielding a material with suitable characteristics for its use in the nursery and fields.

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