Grupo Lucci is a business group dedicated to the production of lemons and their by-products, walnut production, livestock farming and sugar cane, cereal, legume and fodder production. We aim at responsible growth, generating value and social capital for our clients, suppliers, employees, shareholders and the community and offering outstanding products and services based on innovation and environmental care.

We integrate our productive development with the environment care.


Our biggest commitment is to aligning Economic Growth with the Sustainable Development of the Argentinian Northwest, establishing new products with International Quality Standards while caring for the Environment, and contributing to the Social Progress of the Communities in which we are present.

Corporate Social Responsibility


The Power of Lemon
Published 3/27/2023 in Grupo Lucci
There are many of us who are lemon fans, and we tell you why. Read this news on PDF format here Lemons are citrus fruits which have many health benefits. There are two features that characterize them: difference and versatility. Unlike other citrus fruits, these sour fruits can be consumed in other foods, and, regarding their versatility, lemons can be used not only for cooking but also for health-related purposes or even for removing a stain from our... read more ❯
Our Customers’ Experience
Published 3/16/2023 in Grupo Lucci
We are a customer-focused company which interprets their needs and takes into account the main trends in international markets through continuous improvement in all our more ❯
Investments in Fresh Fruit Operation
Published 3/13/2023 in Grupo Lucci
At Grupo Lucci, we carried out improvements in the infrastructure at Cevil Pozo packing house in order to increase efficiency in exports to the American more ❯

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