The Group aims at producing and industrializing agricultural raw material to manufacture and commercialize food and bioenergy, based on excellence in our services, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, achieving internationalization, the Group growth and maximization of benefits.


The Group attempts to be a business group from the North of Argentina considered as an authority in primary production, agroindustry and bioenergy with international presence.


Reliability: We build effective and long lasting relationships for everyone’s benefit.
Passion: We provide enthusiasm and devotion in each of our actions.
Integrity: We think, speak and act in accordance with the company values.
Leadership: We are regarded as a model to follow in each activity we carry out.
Sustainability: We try to grow in a consistent and responsible way.
Commitment: We provide our top skills to achieve the defined objectives.
Excellence: We aspire to fulfill the highest standards in every activity we put in practice.

A company devoted to the production, manufacturing and commercialization of lemon and its by-products. A company devoted to the production of sugarcane and sugar commer-cialization. A company devoted to agricultural and industrial activities offering products that come from soy grinding, through crushing and biodiesel plants. A company devoted to breeding and rearing, winter grazing and a feedlot in productive locations owned by the firm.


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