At Grupo Lucci we promote the dissemination of an organizational culture that values ​​transparency, corporate responsibility, risk management and long-term sustainability.

We are a professionalized family business group, rooted in our roots and committed to the progress of the region. That is why our biggest challenge is the sustainable development of our business units. For this we have implemented good Corporate Governance practices, which imply the continuous improvement of our institutional activities, which reflect our culture and are based on responsibility and transparency.

We think, say and act aligned to the values ​​of the company

Good corporate governance is essential for risk management and improving sustainability, always looking for added value to our business areas. For this reason, at Grupo Lucci we work to establish and formalize governance structures and processes, generating specific work teams, and giving rise to instruments that today allow us to prevent and solve problems, be more efficient and guarantee clarity and objectivity in our management process.

“Good Corporate Governance Practices provide us with the mechanisms and instruments necessary to increase transparency on the internal processes and governance bodies of our group, allowing us, in addition, to achieve long-term sustainability, while generating value,” Ricardo explained. Laudani, CEO of Grupo Lucci.

 At present, having solid control and governance structures, together with a culture of transparency and accessibility of information, has become a key factor in competitiveness. That is why, in 2018, we formed the Audit Committee whose function is to support the Board in making responsible decisions, achieving compliance with our policies and processes in economic, operational, environmental and social matters, ensuring the transparency and proposing new challenges for the continuous improvement of our management as an organization.

Likewise, we constituted the Crisis Committee, which analyzes and manages any serious and decisive situation that may jeopardize the development of the company’s usual activities, related to financial, computer, technological, environmental and social aspects.

Our Code of Good Social Practices establishes the fundamental values ​​of Grupo Lucci, covering aspects related to regulatory compliance, business integrity, responsible information management, good business practices, respect for people’s rights, Good relations with the community and care for the environment. That is why we have a Complaint and Suggestion Management System, which ensures compliance with these values, and makes available open communication channels for all stakeholders, guaranteeing the confidentiality of each case through professional action. of the Complaint Committee.

We are characterized by an entrepreneurial spirit and work to ensure, at all times, sustainability, transparency and integrity in every link of our value chain.