Food production is one of the central points of the social and economic development of our country. When it comes to it, we play a prominent role globally, as exporters of safe products for our customers.

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Just like in the Game of the Goose, where players have to move pieces around a track and overcome different challenges in order to move forward, stop or miss a turn, at Grupo Lucci, in order to “move forward” and distribute our products to millions of people on the five continents, we get the endorsements and certifications that prove that our products are safe for the food and beverage industry in terms of the supply chain.

We ensure food safety through our Comprehensive Quality Management System, which has been internationally certified and meets standards.

These certifications prove that our food products reach acceptable levels of safety and quality and that they have been produced in a sustainable way, respecting our workers’ health, safety and well-being. Moreover, they care for environment and meet applicable legal and regulatory requirements. When a food product is safe, you can consume it safely.

How Do We Ensure Safety?

Safe food products contribute to a healthy life, economy, planet and, mainly, future.

Ensuring food safety is a constant task where different regulations must be observed in each link of our agri-food company. We achieve this thanks to the commitment of each person who make up the different sectors in our value chain.

“We have safe products because we analyze the theoretical basis of all the regulations. Our collaborators’ awareness and participation is part of an effective process. Efficiency in food quality and safety control systems is key in order to have access to domestic, regional and international markets”.

Said engineer Noelia Lescano, Head of Quality Assurance and Environment.

At Grupo Lucci, several departments intervene and coordinate with each other how to follow the procedures and have access to different global certifications. “Quality and safety are everyone’s responsibility”, said Lescano.

The engineer stated that “each of us from our position plays a role when it comes to ensuring an effective system”. In this way, we create favorable conditions for safe food production. We also implement good practices in all the agri-food chain and participate in the identification and management of food hazards.

For Grupo Lucci, safe food production starts in the field by complying with good agricultural practices. We believe that quality is also the result of a sustainable and traceable line from our orchards and establishments to the houses of those who choose our products.

These continuous improvement processes together with a strict control of the Quality Management System enable us to have access to more demanding world markets and affect our production and our customers’ reliability.

“We are driven by our customers’ needs from the agricultural industry. They are the ones who reach end users, who carefully examine all the different links in the food and beverage value chain every day”.

Explained Noelia Lescano.

Responding to Market Demands

Market demands change and, even though ISO 9.001 standard certification was one of the first approvals required by the market, nowadays, there are new requirements, such as good agricultural practices, safety, environmental care, occupational hygiene and safety, and, last but not least, community commitment or regulations related to sustainability.

We show Grupo Lucci’s commitment not only in our mission and vision but also in our sustainability policy. “All Grupo Lucci’s companies work with the best practices and on continuous innovation in order to ensure, among other things, safe food products for our consumers,” concluded Noelia Lescano.

Certified Quality

We are part of the world food and beverage supply chain. Our responsibility as a dependable supplier is one of our competitive advantages, as well as reliability and long-term business relations, traceability and transparency.

Ensuring safety and quality in our products is Grupo Lucci’s commitment and the most important responsibility towards our customers all over the world.