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Our sustainable production system

Sustainable actions for a sustainable growth

At Grupo Lucci we are driven by an enterprising spirit in order to keep investing on the country’s production development, providing products of the highest quality to the world, guaranteeing, at all times, the transparency and integrity of the supply chain.

Our biggest commitment is to align economic growth with the sustainable development of the Argentinian Northwest, establishing new products with International Quality Standards while caring for the Environment, and contributing to the Social Progress of the communities in which we are present. On the other hand, we keep extending our network of local suppliers and contractors, and strengthening the relationship with our collaborators, producers and other involved parties, in order to generate lasting relationships.

Following that course of action, we have also adhered to the Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the United Nations to develop our activities and ensure we leave a better planet for the generations to come.


Zero Hunger




Clean Water and Sanitation


Affordable and Non-Polluting Energy


Decent Work and Economic Growth


Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure


Sustainable Cities and Communities


Responsible Production and Consumption


Life of Terrestrial Ecosystems


Peace, Justice and Solid Institutions

50 Years Sustainably Producing Quality Food



At Grupo Lucci, we are committed to offer products of the highest quality in order to gain the trust of our clients and consumers all over the world. That is why we follow the most important International Standards of quality, food safety, environmental protection and the health and safety of our workers.

In this way, each and every one of the stages of our production processes work together to guarantee an outstanding product, maximising efficiency and minimising the impact of our activities on the environment.

Responsible Management of Natural Resources


Preserving Biodiversity

Biodiversity sustains the natural world’s health and is essential for the communities, the economies and our business to prosper. By protecting biodiversity, we aim to have a positive impact in people’s livelihoods as well as strengthen the agricultural systems we depend on.

Good Agricultural and Manufacturing Practices (GAP, GMP)

This set of practices, applicable both to cultivation in the fields and the subsequent industrial production, results in safe foodstuffs, while respecting environmental, economic and social sustainability. In all our facilities, we align with this approach, because we think that caring both for the environment and our natural resources is crucial for the sustainable generation of value, and for improving productivity and working conditions.
These practices help us guarantee:

  • Food Safety s
  • Workers’ Welfare
  • Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

Our Commitment with the Environment

Facing climate change presents serious challenges, but also offers great opportunities. This is why we address the subject in the different stages of the production line, through the following measures:

  • 0.75 hectares of native forest for every productive hectare
  • 5,500,000 m3 of biogas from citrus effluent treatment*
  • 20% reduction of natural gas consumption in the industry
  • 3MW of electrical energy from biogas (as from 2019)
  • 400,000 m3 of treated water used in fertigation*
  • 6,500 t of organic solids used for composting*

    *Per season

Waste Management

At Grupo Lucci we work developing actions and resources so that the waste generated throughout our production process can have a safer final destination, being employed, recycled or reused through the following methods:

  • Devices for Waste Segregation
  • Training for the proper classification of waste
  • Special treatment for hazardous waste
  • Specific treatment of organic waste through composting