At Citrusvil we have assumed the responsibility of linking our productive activities to a sustainability framework.

Citrusvil production centers are located in an ecotone region, that is, a transition zone between two different ecosystems such as the Yungas ecoregion and our productive areas. This forms a landscape where the hectares of cultivation coexist with patches of remaining forests and in contact with large areas of native forests, corresponding to the jungle floor and montane forests of Yungas.

In this context, we work in partnership with Fundación ProYungas in the implementation of the Protected Productive Landscape Program (PPPP), with the objective of proactively and sustainably integrating our productive development with the preservation of the biodiversity surrounding our farms, and protecting environmental services.

Citrusvil has 24 productive units, of which 7,000Ha correspond to lemon plantations, and 5,200Ha are preserved as native forests.

In 2016 we joined together to value the natural environments present in our farms, and we made the Land Management Plan in order to know the landscape context where our productive activities take place, and analyze the wild environment and the transformed areas. This work allowed to categorize each one of the farms, with which, in 2017, the zoning of the three properties categorized as “High environmental valuation”, corresponding to the Don Vicente, La Cruz and Ischilón farms, was carried out. Of the 6,147Ha that add up the three properties, 68% of the surface remains as a natural environment, and 32% are transformed environments.

1 Ha prod = 0.75 Ha native protected forest

Don Vicente Private Nature Reserve

Located in the department of Burruyacú, the El Cajón-Don Vicente estate covers an area of ​​3,151 hectares, 76% being composed of natural environments. From these data, it was identified as the property with the largest area of ​​native forests, which led us to make the decision to create a protected environment under the requirements of the Argentine Network of Private Natural Reserves. There, a survey of the vegetation and mammals was carried out with camera traps, and the Environmental Management Plan was designed, which establishes a monitoring of biodiversity with a frequency of no more than 3 years.

The Don Vicente Private Natural Reserve, has an area of ​​1411Ha., With a forest classified as Category 1 according to the Territorial Planning of Native Forests (OTBN) of the province, which does not allow the change of use or productive management of the area.

We keep working

Within the guidelines of the Protected Productive Landscape Program, we continue to implement various actions to strengthen our commitment and sustainable management.