The Citrusvil campaign advances at a steady pace
The rapid action against COVID-19 allowed the company to quickly adapt to the situation in order to continue operating within the restrictions implemented in the framework of the more ❯
Lucci Group advances with the light conversion program
This project aims to reduce the installed power in lighting by 55% and the annual energy consumed by more ❯
Citrusvil began the 2020 season of exports to the US
With an exclusive packaging for the US market, the company aims to triple its shipments to the northern more ❯
Citrusvil continues working to guarantee the supply of its products
Despite the pandemic, the citrus company took the necessary measures to continue the campaign and ensure the supply of lemons throughout the more ❯
Quality walnut and productive efficiency
Nueces de Catamarca conquers new markets, and is positioned internationally with a high quality more ❯
Good Practices for Sustainable Agriculture
Viluco-agro implements sustainable actions for the responsible management of its production processesread more ❯
We invest in continuous improvement
Citrusvil incorporated new technologies in its industrial plants, in order to provide them with greater flexibility in view of the diversity of the campaigns, and to maximize the fruit's processing performance. read more ❯
Technological innovation, the key to transforming the field
Citrusvil carries out tasks of optimization of agricultural machinery to generate better working conditions on farms, achieve sustainable production management and gain competitiveness in the more ❯
New technological system for identification of growers
Citrusvil designed and incorporated new technology to optimize the registration and control of harvesting personnel. read more ❯
Pioneers in renewable energy generation from lemon
Citrusvil transforms biogas into electrical energy by processing citrus effluent, and injects the public network with a power of 3MW. read more ❯
Campaign 2019: a commercial challenge for Citrusvil
Despite the complex season the sector experienced, it doubled its shipments to the United States, added new applications to the industrial products portfolio, and marked a new milestone in the sustainable management of renewable resources. read more ❯
Good Corporate Governance Practices
At Grupo Lucci we promote the dissemination of an organizational culture that values ​​transparency, corporate responsibility, risk management and long-term sustainability. read more ❯
We promote the preservation of natural habitats
At Citrusvil we have assumed the responsibility of linking our productive activities to a sustainability more ❯
Strengthening the integral development of communities
Fundación Vicente Lucci generates social capital through the implementation of training programs and strategic institutional alliances that contribute to the sustainable and equitable development of rural more ❯
Protagonistas del potencial productivo del NOA
Engordar marcó un crecimiento comercial y productivo sostenido en la última década, posicionándose como un proveedor reconocido a nivel regional por su ganado de excelente calidad genética y el alto rendimiento more ❯
Suppliers of integral solutions in animal nutrition
VViluco S.A. expands its portfolio of products in animal nutrition and drives the economies of northwestern more ❯
Olein: an innovative solution
Viluco incorporated the esterification of olein into its oil production process. With this action, biodiesel is generated that contributes to the sustainability of the more ❯
Quality feed
Food is a basic pillar for the production of quality meats. Therefore, fattening strategically plans animal feed to achieve excellence in their more ❯
Lucci: The giant of the north that diversified and integrated its business
It is a conglomerate of agricultural companies that operate in the provinces of Tucumán, Salta, Catamarca and Santiago del more ❯
Our graduates. A change in its history
More than 70% of the fellows graduated from the Integration Scholarships program of the French Bank and Lucci Foundation, continued their studies and / or are more ❯
Fundación Vicente Lucci was recognized
In the framework of the XI International Forum of RedEAmérica held in Brazil, the winning experiences and finalists of the Transformers Prize were announced, resulting in the PECUARITY ENTREPRENEURS PROGRAM highlighted by its contribution to the development of more ❯
Catamarca nuts grows with new investments
The company incorporated the mechanical harvest, strengthening its more ❯
Sustainability, our key word
Citrusvil prioritizes sustainability in its processes and continues to drive environmental more ❯
Research and Development (R&D). Developing added value to our products
Citrusvil has a team dedicated to research and development of new products. read more ❯
Integrated quality livestock for NOA
2018 was a year of growth for Fattening. The synergy between the productive area and the commercial area allowed the fulfillment of the objectives more ❯